The accommodation

Our house can accommodate 35 students (divided into 21 single rooms and 7 double rooms), furnished with bed(s), bedding, bedside table, wardrobe, desk, bookcase, and washbasin.

There are communal bathrooms on all floors. Four persons share each bathroom.

Our house is old, built in the year 1929, but it is clean and has a nice atmosphere.

Monthly Rates (since WS 2013-14)

Double room:

240 €

Single room:

280 €

On enrolment a deposit of 200 € should be paid in advance.

Note: for a stay of less than six months, there is an additional charge of 50 € each month for each of the above monthly rates.

Bank details of the College


Bank details of the College for transfers within Germany.

Kontoinhaber: Spanisches Kolleg

Kontonummer: 230 28 10

Bankleitzahl: 750 90 300


Bank details of the College for transfers from outside Germany.

International Bank Account Number (IBAN) | Bank Identifier Code (BIC)

Spanisches Kolleg

IBAN: DE16 750 90 300 000 230 2810

BIC/SWIFT-Code: GENODEF1M05 (numbers underlined)

Set of Rules

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