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About the Spanish College

Origin and rationale

The Spanish College-Hall of Residence "Santiago Apóstol" (The College), located in Munich, is a formative institution run by the Brotherhood of Priests Diocesanos Workers Hermandad de Sacerdotes Operarios Diocesanos. The College was formed in 1954 by D. José María Javierre and D. Vicente Lores, General Director of the Brotherhood, as projection of the Spanish College of Rome.

From its foundation, the Spanish College in Munich has tried to serve both, society and the Spanish church. Evolving from the out-break of the Spanish Civil War and the World War II, it has brought together the academic world of Spain and Germany and has introduced students at the Pontifical Spanish College from Rome to theological reflection and Germanic thought.

The College's primary objective continues to be assisting a handful of young Spanish students beginning their carriers or postgraduate studies at the University of Munich.

In its 59 years, some 2500 students (mainly from all the different autonomies of Spain) have resided at the College. And so, the College has become a place of cultural integration combining both, the educational and religious achievement of our country. Some of the students who have passed through our college have moved on to become important individuals in society, in philosophy, law, music, literature and the sciences. Some of them have held, or are occupying, important positions of responsibility in the civil and ecclesiastical world (university professors, ministers, bishops, orchestra conductors, etc).

Furthermore, the College has provided an important service to countries that are most in need where the Spanish language is spoken, and it has had several Hispanic-American.

The College can accommodate 34 students, of both sexes.

The services it offers Spanish society

Without a doubt, the College continues to offer a service to Spanish society, based on principles that were first laid out 59 years ago. It is an instructive centre for Spaniards either starting out on their career or post-graduate students.

Subject to the length of the courses attended, students on average reside at the College for periods of between 1 to 5 years. During this time, the College seeks to offer them our complete and "total" support. Whilst the University provides a specialized education, this College assists on a different dimension helping specialize in intellectual, cultural and spiritual coexistence. We provide a full range of different activities including educational teachings, informal meetings, lectures and conferences in relation to literary, religious and scientific matters, attending concerts in both classical and other Spanish music and enriching excursions throughout both, Germany and Austria.

The College offers a communal dimension, promoting the integration of people from nearly all regions of Spain, so they may live and socials together. It also offers a spiritual dimension. In addition to living and celebrating the faith personally or as a community, there is a team of two working priests who offer imperceptible and efficient personal and professional support (vocational).

The Spanish College continues to play an important role in the society and to the Spanish Church, bringing the academic world of Germany and Spain together.

It also offers an inestimable service, welcoming new students on arrival. Along with university professors and professionals who return each term to specialize in their chosen fields.



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