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House Rules

College Regulations (Summary)

Special Attention


Study is our main aim. The College aims to create an atmosphere of study, assisting in culture, taking part in social events, and providing initiatives for some artistic or cultural acts. It helps students settle in Munich, and learn about and participate in its cultural life.


Silence in the room(s) is something fundamental, as it helps students study and sleep well. Meetings, social gatherings, noises, music and loud voices should be avoided in the bedroom(s). These requests should be observed especially from 10:30 pm onwards.


Care should be taken in keeping rooms clean. In the kitchen, casseroles, pots and frying pans should be left clean. Observe the rules on the use of the dishwasher. In the dining room, the tables should be left clean. As a sign of respect, after used, all things should be left clean so they may be used by others. We all like to find the things clean and in their place.


Every day, the Eucharist is celebrated in the chapel. This service is available to all those who wish to pray. One may commit to the faith by participating, especially on Sundays and Bank Holidays.


Weekdays daily at 7.30 pm. The evening Mass on Sunday we celebrate on Saturday at 7.30 pm. On Sundays there is an 11 am service in the Spanish Catholic Mission Munich.


As a place for reading and study, requires silence. Therefore, discussions, meetings, etc.. Go against their function. Nor is the place to store tools, sporting goods and disused.


Students will relax and work well by participating and taking part in social events, and enjoying the company of others. A student must inform the College in advance if he wishes to celebrate his birthday or other event. It should be told who will organize the event and the day and time it will take place. After the event, both the organizers and those who take part should leave the rooms clean and everything in its place.


Care should be taken when using equipment. Lights should be switched off when leaving the library, dining rooms, the kitchen, the TV room, and any adjoining rooms.


The things in place. Empty bottles, bicycles, dishes, cleaning utensils, library materials and tools should always be returned to its place.


Calls received between 10.30 pm and 8.30 am, may not be forwarded to the various floors. If anyone in this time is expecting a call, he should receive it in the dining room and forward it to the library.


The living room is not for social gatherings, but mainly used for visits, a meeting point, where person may talk for a while or have a coffee, etc. A room may be reserve where meetings, regarding important issues, may take place.


The College should be informed of any problems regarding the house and the use of its facilities.


Without compromising the day to day running of the College, former students and friends are received with our attention and generosity. From 11.00 at night, visitors may not however be permitted to remain in the building without permission.


No one who has not been admitted by the management to live in this house can, under any circumstances, stays overnight. The intruder may become civil consequences like trespassing and if introduced by someone from the residence, s/he will abide by the consequences of a very serious offense.


NOTE: A stay at the school may be extended depending on of these rules observed.


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